LVG is all about love,
about lingerie and about
the love of lingerie.

We have our own production and experimental shop in Omsk, which appeared in the spring of 2016. The experimental workshop allows us to work on the design — to make new patterns, try different materials, and fix something quickly.

We produce an average of about 5-6 collections per year. Despite this, all products must be combined with each other, be combinatorial (even products from collections of different years).

We are engaged in sewing underwear and swimwear. You can buy our products as a standard line of sizes (for example, bodice 75B, panties S), and by individual measures — usually: breast volume, volume under the breast, waist circumference, hip circumference. You may also need additional measurements — the distance between the highest points of the chest and even your height. Purchasing products in standard sizes is very convenient if you want to make a gift or you do not have a centimeter at hand.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of comfort. We achieve this by sewing our products according to your individual parameters, as well as using high-quality materials.